Kyoko koizumi - koizumi in the house + 2

Mukuro has been verbally and physically abused by her sister for years. She only knows how to take orders from Junko and obeys her even if she doesn't agree with her. Mukuro craves her sister's praise and acceptance and will do nearly anything to get it. Because of this, Mukuro allows herself to be constantly abused by Junko and takes her insults to heart. Mukuro believes she is the only one who truly understands her sister and she wants to make her happy, so she stays by Junko's side even when she insults her. She also finds pleasure in Junko's attempts to harm or even kill her, knowing that her sister will experience tremendous despair if she succeeds. She is sometimes portrayed even disturbingly obsessed with her sister, with her blushing and in a state of ecstasy.

In Danganronpa 3 , she wears her hair back in a pony-tail with two strands of hair loose that go down the front of her body. She wears a greenish jacket, and wears her gloves still. Her shirt is a white blouse. She has a brown belt, holding up a dull purple short skirt. Around her left leg she wears a brown satchel. Her shoes are boots that are only a bit above her ankle, but they are also heeled, like her old ones.

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Koizumi Kyoko first auditioned and won the grand prix award on the music competition television program Star Tanjou! in 1981. She debuted as an idol singer a year later with the single " Watashi no 16sai ". Her first number one single was " Nagisa no Haikara Ningyo " in 1984 and would later score a handful of hits. Currently, she is one of the top selling female singers of all time with Hamasaki Ayumi , Amuro Namie , and Morning Musume . She also tried her hand at acting at the same time of her music debut, starring in many movies and television doramas.

Kyoko Koizumi - Koizumi In The House + 2Kyoko Koizumi - Koizumi In The House + 2Kyoko Koizumi - Koizumi In The House + 2Kyoko Koizumi - Koizumi In The House + 2